St Cecelia

These two photos are also located in the Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church, Mankato MN in the choir loft and seen only by the members of St. Cecelia Choir. St. Cecelia is the patron saint of music.


King David

These photos were taken by me at my parish. Sts Peter and Paul Catholic Church in Mankato MN was founded by Jesuits just over 150 years ago and was our town's "German Catholic Church" Of course this was back when everyone settling here were immigrants. These poor folks pooled together enough money to build an incredibly beautiful church which has only been minimally wreckovated since the 1960's.
Anyway, this is a wonderful stained glass window in the Choir loft that most don't see. I especially enjoy the way King David's gazing away as he plays, assumably for the Lord Himself.


Face of Our Lord

The Holy Face of Jesus


St. Cecelia

St. Cecelia is the patroness of music


Mary at the Incarnation of Christ - Detail

You can tell this is the Blessed Virgin Mary at the moment of the Incarnation of Jesus in her womb by the rays just over her head as is traditionally depicted.