Saint Blaise

Early 14th-century detail from Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford, of St Blaise, whose feast is 3 February. St Blaise, who was bishop of Sebaste and persecuted and executed by Licinius in 316, is one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers and famed for many miracles and wonders. According to tradition, on one occasion, a woman whose boy was dying because a fish bone had stuck in his throat, came to St Blaise and laid the boy at his feet, tearfully begging him to cure her child. St Blaise promptly laid his hands on the boy and prayed that this child, and anyone else who sought help from God in his name, should obtain the benefit of health. The boy was cured instantly and to this day, St Blaise remains a worthy help in cases of throat ailments.For centuries now, the Church has attributed to this fourth-century Armenian bishop and martyr, protection from throat ailments. Two candles are blessed and then held saltire (often tied in this position with red ribbon) and placed on the throat of the devotee as the priest prays the prayer of the blessing of throats, that God will free from all afflictions of the throast and other ills those who place themselves under the protection and intercession of St Blaise.

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