St. Joseph

St Joseph is a special protector of those dedicated to prayer because he is the Protector of God's church. Who but Joseph and Mary were as close to Jesus for nearly thirty years before his public ministry? Who could teach us more about intimacy with God than he who would be addressed by Jesus, himself, as father?
St Joseph, a descendant of David by birth, has been designated as the "Protector of the Church", the "Husband and Guardian of Mary" and the "Foster Father of the Son of God."
He is the silent one. Not one word of his has ever been recorded in scripture. Others have written about him but he, himself, is unspoken. Joseph is the model and example of all husbands and all who consecrate themselves to prayer, labor, and those wanting a holy death.
All the Doctors of the Church are in awe of the unsurpassed dignity of St Joseph-"Spouse of Mary". He is the Defender and Patron of the Universal Church, which is the mystical spouse of God. St. Joseph is also known by the beloved title of "Terror of Demons" and a powerful intercessor against evil.
St. Joseph ~ Ora pro nobis!

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  1. Wow- this is a great site. I love the photos of the stained glass. I really appreciate the explanations.

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