Carrying of the Cross

You yourself must decide of your own free will to take up the cross; otherwise, your tongue may say that you are imitating Christ, but your actions will belie your words. That way, you will never get to know the Master intimately, or love him truly. It is really important that we Christians convince ourselves of this. We are not walking with Our Lord unless we are spontaneously depriving ourselves of many things that our whims, vanity, pleasure or self-interest clamour for. Not a single day should pass that has not been seasoned with the salt and grace of mortification; and, please get rid of the idea that you would then be miserable. What a sad little happiness you will have if you don't learn to overcome yourself, if you let your passions and fancies dominate and crush you, instead of courageously taking up your cross! (Friends of God, 129)

To love the Cross means being able to put oneself out, gladly, for the love of Christ, though it's hard -- and because it's hard. You have enough experience to know that this is not a contradiction. (The Forge, 519)

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  1. This is a beautiful blog...I love stained glass. This particular post reminds me how near and dear the Cross must be in our lives to truly know, love and serve our Lord, Christ Jesus...and thus reach our heavenly reward. My heart goes out to those of all faith traditions who listen to the lies of this world and either drag the Cross bitterly behind them or who reject the Cross by rejecting painful relationships and circumstances in life. These poor souls have no clue that it is the Cross of pain and suffering God allows in our ordinary daily lives by which we pass through the firery furnace of His Divine Love and become sparkling images of His perfection.

    To truly walk as disciples of Jesus we must have a full understanding of exactly what Jesus did as He suffered barbaric scourging, the mockery of the crown of thorns, carrying the impossible weight of the heavy cross, the torture as the Roman soldiers pounded the nails into His hands and feet, and then hanging on the Cross for hours as He suffered an excrutiating death. He left us a way to give meaning...to sanctify the pain and suffering we all endure. He left us an example to follow...an example of sacrifical love... Embrace the Cross! Love the Cross! Carry the Cross!