St. Benedict and St. Scholastica

February 10 is the memorial of St. Scholastica, who was the twin sister of St. Benedict of Nursia.

She was a nun and leader of a religious community of women.Wikipedia: "At the end of the day, they had supper and continued their conversation. When Benedict indicated it was time for him to leave, she protested, and begged him to stay with her for the evening so they could continue their discussions. He refused, insisting that he needed to return to his cell. At that point, Scholastica closed her hands in prayer, and after a moment, a wild storm started outside of the guest house in which they were housed. Benedict asked, "What have you done?", to which she replied, "I asked you and you would not listen; so I asked my God and he did listen. So now go off, if you can, leave me and return to your monastery."Benedict was unable to return to his monastery, and they spent the night in discussion. According to St. Gregory's Dialogues, three days later, from his cell, he saw his sister's soul leaving the earth and ascending to heaven in the form of a shining white dove."

This window is in the Church of the Seven Dolors in Albany, MN.


  1. St. Benedict should have listened to his sister... This stained glass image closely resembles the look of a painting on canvas.

  2. It would seem the Lord agrees with you and St. Scholastica