St. Thomas Aquinas

Finally, an image of St. Thomas that is actually attractive!

January 28 is the memorial of St. Thomas Aquinas, one of the greatest theologians and philosophers of the Catholic Church. This is part of a window depicting St. Dominic receiving the Rosary (in the center), Thomas on the left, and St. Hyacinth on the right. The book he's holding translates to something like "The Word of God is not chained," from the second letter of Timothy. Does anyone know why this was important or significant in terms of Thomas? I wasn't able to find anything online about it. This window is in the Basilica of Josaphat in Milwaukee, WI.


  1. Did a search as well, and could not find anything. However, found this quote from Pope Benedict that related to your quote from 2 Timothy:

    "We should never forget that the Word of God transcends time. Human opinions come and go; what is very modern today will be old tomorrow. But the Word of God is the Word of eternal life, it carries within itself eternity, which is always valuable. Carrying within ourselves the Word of God, we also carry eternal life"

  2. This is the saint my son would most probably chose the day he (and I'm sure that day will come!) converts to the Catholic Church. A friend of mine gave him a medal that he is always wearing!